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Jared Bryan Smith created Books4free to independently publish his own work, and those writers that he chooses to work with. Ultimately to create and generate traffic to Books4free, allowing readers to discover quality new authors from obscurity! We publish books directly through the website, Print on Demand, as well as audio books for our clients.

Books4free offers independent hard back and paper back cover book publishing services, Print on Demand publishing services, as well as any and all audio book services. We deliver digital formatting services compatible with Kindle, Nook, Apple and other formats. We continue to strive to build the library of public domain books in both digital and audio formats, into all the languages of the world.

With Artificial Intelligence and Big Data’s ever increasing skill, speed, and efficacy, there is every reason we will be able to automate this process, and capitalizing on this domain name, housing the public domain books on this website, as well as streamlining the process by which books go out of Copyright Protection and into General Domain, we expect to see an increase in both capacity of books, and our audience.

In the interim, we find great writers, and we host and publish their work on Books4free as way to increase their audience, and utilize our marketing and technical expertise in the online, audio, and real books, via print on demand.

Please email us at to submit your work and we’ll get back to you if it looks like a fit.

Our policy is to beat any competitive publishing terms and rates in the market period. This was created, and is maintained, solely for the love of writing, and reading books! We publish books for the love of books, and writings, because a good book can still change the world!

-Jared Bryan Smith

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Jared Bryan Smith

I was born into an alcoholic family and began to see it's effects, it's ravaging waste & self inflicted pointless tragedies early on. M

Jared Bryan Smith

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