Spiral’s End: Hepatitis C And Me (GRAND RE-OPENING) Oh Amazon – Thanks For Being Such Bastards.
Spiral’s End: Hepatitis C And Me (GRAND RE-OPENING) Oh Amazon – Thanks For Being Such Bastards.
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  • Tuesday, 03 January, 2017

Sigh Amazon./ Jeff Bezo’s couldn’t look more like the bald bad guy in Austin Powers if he tried. Whose going to get Mars first, you or Musk, my money is literally on Musk (in stock) , because Amazon sucks ass. Case in point: Megan Kelly’s negative book reviews removed because they were politically motivated. Oh, isn’t that inconvenient for her, meanwhile the rest of us peasants plebes and philistines, just have to SUCK IT when our ex’s get online and write a terrible review. At least Megan can have her hand picked reviews left at the top though, I don’t even think I can delete my book from Amazon, much less the one shiite review, that cmon is at least a little politically motivated. I mean cmon Amazon can you just give us like a few aces up our sleeve, like a wildcard option, please just don’t let these three or so ex’s leave reviews, because I mean cmon it just isn’t fair.

I digress, the one bad review shall remain I guess, unless they have a change of heart, which three years into its presence does not seem likely. Sigh. Acceptance is the key to all life’s problems I guess.

Anyway, this bittersweet re launching of the book, with the revamped site right around the corner is about as lackluster as publicity can possibly go, probably because after spending another 10 grand , hiring a professional editor, and spending hours with an internet guru in India it just hardly seems worth it, man I need a better publicist, this is the worst advertising ever.

The book needed a new name though because as much as I liked the name Hippopotamus Sea, it’s marketing value in the Amazon, Google Bing Yahoo search indexes of the world was next to nothing. Now at least there is something applicable in the title to the actual subject, and despite it being VERY imperfect, it has been professionally edited and combed over for the grammatical errors the original was plagued with. That being said, I still found a few, but frankly wasn’t worth me resubmitting the PDF to LightingSource to reset the ole Gutenberg Press…. which is a joke, that is not how they do it anymore, but you get the point, it’s a pain in the ass, and close enough is about how I feel about this book. I really wanted it to be perfect, but books are not perfect things this journey has taught me. Nor is life. People leave bad reviews and don’t like you, it’s just life, nothing is perfect.

Anyway, the new book should be up on Amazon in the next few days, in paperback. So if you left a review, positive ones anyway, would be greatly appreciated if you would go leave another. If you left a negative one, I’m literally at your mercy, apologize profusely for whatever wrongs I ever committed and beg you not to leave a negative one moving forward. I actually have been told the book helps people from a lot of different people from all over the world and it really is the ONLY reason I wrote the embarrassing book to begin with. It’s helpful to see that others, and there are millions of people yearly, that find out they have Hep C and need to get sober as well, can find someone who has done so. I’m now 7 years or so Hep C free, with all the side effects finally gone, headaches, aches and pains and what have you, and on Xmas Eve I’ll have 10 years sober.

That is a real deal miracle right there, and even better, there is now a MUCH easier medication to defeat Hep C, and even though it’s expensive HAVE HOPE, mine was 50k a year also and Roche Diagnostics put me in a program that made the medication 100% free. God is good and I am thankful.

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