Novel Hippopotamus Sea CoverSpiral’s End: Hepatitis C and Me, is personal, honest, and humble autobiography, of a skeptics approach to AA, spirituality, the deaths of both his parents, and his ultimate insanity. Delusions of grandeur, psychotic episodes, lead him to discovering the rooms, and his misunderstanding of Hippopotamus Sea. Follow the writer as clouds clear and he discovers he has Hepatitis C, his journey through interferon, and his 2nd chance.

A poignant true addiction story covering all the facets of tragedy and ultimately triumph over the insidious family disease of alcoholism and addiction. Follow Jared Bryan Smith’s journey to insanity and beyond as he jumps off of a bridge and lands in the looney bin and ultimately Alcoholics Anonymous. The 17 years of drug abuse abates, the fog webs clear and he learns he is Hepatitis C positive, his liver is failing and he has no health insurance for the 3 thousand dollars a month Interferon treatments required to save his life. A miraculous story of a tormented soul released from a literal hell. An exciting read that will leave you breathless, and inspire you with perseverance, and faith as Jared Bryan Smith details the path to hell and back, in all it’s gory intricacy as he tries his best to explain the inexplicable thought process of a man driven mad by the drink.

Chronicling his descent into madness, the author takes you back through his life, born into an alcoholic family and witness to his fathers steady downward spiral. His father ultimately loses his battle to alcoholism, dramatically and publicly, leaving a scar on the family, and a mother deftly afraid of her inability to stop the cycle, as she sees the tendencies and behaviors the author, almost simultaneously. By his teens he is in and out of Juvenile detention, standing before Judge Hatchett of Atlanta on more than one occasion, running after the Grateful Dead, selling LSD, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy and opiates by the time he was a late teenager, this story will not cease to keep your interest as you cringe, cry, and laugh at his obsessions, tragedies, miracles and in the end his recovery.The rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous are welcoming in his late 20’s as he struggles to finally stop for good, and return to sanity, and Jared Bryan Smith does a good job of explaining the 12 Steps of AA to the layman, the uninterested, the skeptic, the critic, or even the full blown atheist or non believer. Where two or more people gather to accomplish a stated goal, there stands a better chance than one alone, and by using only this mantra in his head, he is able to have hope, and work the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, cease fighting or debating, and ultimately recover, and have the obsession to drink and drug completely removed from someone who drank and drugged daily for close to 20 years.

Discovering Hepatitis C, he documents his trials and tribulations through the painful Interferon process with great detail, as he trudges through the train wreckage of almost 20 years of drinking and drugging, fighting a debilitating disease, all the while living to hand to mouth as he struggles to live life, pay bills, make meetings, and endure one year of Interferon to clear the virus, emerging victorious, virus free, and more importantly,  a brand new man.


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